“Don changed the culture of our camp and did something no one ever tried or did in the NBA. He brought NBA coach’s, players, and officials together to improve our game and improve the relationships between the groups. We were all skeptics when he presented this and he made us all believers.πŸ€πŸ†πŸ™πŸ½for what he accomplished!!!”
– Tim Grgurich, NBA Coach and Basketball Guru

“Don Vaden is a very competent, experienced leader of referees and an outstanding evaluator of talent.”
– Rod Thorn, 2018 Naismith Memorial Hall of Famer

“Don has been very helpful educating our players and coaches from referee’s perspective. Don is extremely knowledgeable and is able to effectively explain and teach NBA rules and their interpretations.”
– Terry Stotts, Head Coach, Portland Trailblazers

“Quite simply, Don helped our team improve. Individual players gained knowledge of not only the rules and points of emphasis, but also the thought process of officials, which led to greater success on the court.”
– Cheryl Reeve, WNBA Championship Head Coach, Minnesota Lynx

“Don is the ultimate pro. Knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his job. I’ve learned so much about officiating from him.”
– Mike Breen, ABC/ESPN NBA Play-by-Play Sportscaster

“I’ve known and respected Don for over thirty years and during that time he has helped numerous referees, players, coaches and organizations achieve success at all levels with his invaluable experience and knowledge of the game.”
– Steve Javie, Former NBA Finals Crew Chief, ESPN NBA Analyst

“Don truly makes me a better broadcaster. His knowledge of NBA/WNBA rules is unending and he is outstanding and explaining difficult intricacies in clear and concise ways. He’s as good as it gets when it comes to knowing and articulating the rules.”
– Ryan Ruocco, ESPN Sportscaster

“Don has helped me better understand why officials are humans. Decision making and on-court respect is the key for a well awarded, officiated game. Don has shown me how to look at a different angles towards why officials make or don’t make the calls.”
– Coach Fred Williams

“Don Vaden’s training and teaching skills are second to none!”
– Roger Ayers, NCAA Referee

“I have known Don for over 30 years. His relentless hard work to be a great NBA Finals referee is now being passed on to others to help them reach their full potential.”
– Joe DeRosa, NBA Finals Referee, NCAA Final Four Referee

“Donnie has been instrumental in my officiating career. His mentoring has helped me to achieve many of my goals on the floor.”
– Mike Eades, NCAA Referee

“Don Vaden’s training and teaching skills are second to none! I attended his officiating camp in 1995 and he told me if I worked hard and followed his lead I would be a success. That has been the best decision I ever made!! His advice, teaching skills, and mentoring has taken me to 3 Final Fours! Without him none of this would have been possible!”
– Roger Ayers, NCAA referee

“Working with Don was really beneficial not only for my individual growth, but also the teams’ growth. In film sessions we had the opportunity to listen to an NBA referee’s take on certain calls we were frustrated with. Individually, Don helped me improve my verticality without fouling which, in turn, created more minutes for me on the court.”
– Zach Collins Forward, Portland Trailblazers

“Working with Don helped me learn the ins and outs of the NBA Game as seen from the view of referees. Understanding it from a different perspective than just that of a player has really helped me adapt my game accordingly”
– Pat Connaughton, Small Forward, Milwaukee Bucks