“Quite simply, Don helped our team improve. Individual players gained knowledge of not only the rules and points of emphasis, but also the thought process of officials, which led to greater success on the court.”
– Cheryl Reeve, WNBA Championship Head Coach, Minnesota Lynx

“Don truly makes me a better broadcaster. His knowledge of NBA/WNBA rules is unending and he is outstanding and explaining difficult intricacies in clear and concise ways. He’s as good as it gets when it comes to knowing and articulating the rules.”
– Ryan Ruocco, ESPN Sportscaster

“Don is the ultimate pro. Knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his job. I’ve learned so much about officiating from him.”
– Mike Breen, ABC/ESPN NBA Play-by-Play Sportscaster

“Don has helped me better understand why officials are humans. Decision making and on-court respect is the key for a well awarded, officiated game. Don has shown me how to look at a different angles towards why officials make or don’t make the calls.”
– Coach Fred Williams

“Working with Don was really beneficial not only for my individual growth, but also the teams’ growth. In film sessions we had the opportunity to listen to an NBA referee’s take on certain calls we were frustrated with. Individually, Don helped me improve my verticality without fouling which, in turn, created more minutes for me on the court.”
– Zach Collins Forward, San Antonio Spurs

“Working with Shelley and Don has been an eye-opening experience. Their work is next-level stuff. Like peeling an onion, there are so many levels to their expertise. Working with Third Side Coaching has made me more aware, more curious, and eager to learn more. Plus, they are great people willing and ready to go the extra mile for their clients.”
– Bob Rathbun – Atlanta Hawks Play-by-Play

“Don and Shelley’s pregame intel gave me additional insights on the dynamics of the officiating crew for that night. Their work allowed key players to play more minutes without picking up unnecessary fouls. Looking forward to understanding the referee’s mindset through their collaboration with our coaches and players.”
– Nate McMillan – Head Coach – Atlanta Hawks

“Working with Don and Shelley this past season was a learning experience. Their knowledge of the game, and ability to show us the lens through which referees view plays was invaluable. Whether we talked to Donovan Mitchell about how to attack a legal or illegal guarding defender from different areas on the court or we showed Rudy Gobert different ways to legally protect the rim, their ability to break down the play from the referees viewpoint and allow the player to understand where and when an advantage presented itself was a unique learning experience. All coaches will benefit from working with Don and Shelley.”
– Mike Wells – Utah Jazz Coach

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